Plate Press

  • 6-in-1 Multi-Functional Heat Press

    The AA802 comes with 8 individual heating add-ons which can function as a flat press, mug press, plate press, and hat press. This will allow you imprint all sorts of things such as mugs, plates, titles, mouse pads, t-shirts, compact mirrors, cone-shaped latte mugs, and many more!

  • Multifunction Mug Press BJ890

    Our BJ890 Multi-function heat press is a versatile heat press that NOW features the ability to make cone-shaped mugs. Because customers asked, we delivered. The BJ890 comes with 4 interchangeable heating elements that will allow you to imprint on all mugs ranging from the 6oz Espresso mug to the 22oz Beer Stein, and now the 12oz and 17oz Latte (cone-shaped) mugs.