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  • Acrylic Photo Frames

    Acrylic Photo Frames are coming! Acrylic products are the rising star on the sublimation photo market. They are very light and strong. The most important thing is they are very easy to print with the sublimation heat press machine. Amazing sublimation results will never let you down. A Photo Frame Jig will help you to make different shape.

  • Automatic Pet Leash

    Walk your dog freely with this retractable dog leash with one button brake lock safety system, which allows the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, providing the dog with added freedom while under your control.


    The dog leash has a handle composed of a black plastic case and an ergonomic anti-slip grip that fits in your hand comfortably. On both sides of the handle lies a round printable area (Φ 2.6 inch) for customized sublimation image, which makes the dog leash stand out from others. The leash made of nylon strap is strong and durable and extends up to 9.8 ft., and at the end of the leash is a metal clasp that connects to the dog’s collar.


    This dog leash is literally the both easy-to-use and stylish one you ever want. Simply clip the clasp onto the dog collar and let the dog go. Push and pull the button on the handle to release and fix the strap, and push the button from the back to retract the strap, to adjust the length of the leash with ease. Put a photo of your dog onto the handle, which will make the leash a unique leash peculiar to your pet, and your pet a super star on the street. So just get one of this dog leash and let it provide you and your pet with an easy and delight bounding time.


  • Hoodie for 21 Cm/8 Inch Plush Teddy Bear

    This is a little white hoodie for 21 cm (8 inch) plush teddy bear, which is made of 100% polyester, with the string made of full cotton. This hoodie measures 4.3” x 3.5”, providing a printable space of 3.1” x 2.3” for sublimation image. The features of being printable and washed easily make the little hoodie a great add-on for plush teddy bear or other suitable stuffed animals.

  • Plush Teddy Bear in Hoodie

    Coming in luxuriously soft plush and wearing a cute white hoodie, this teddy bear (in dark brown or golden brown) makes an irresistible cuddly toy for kids, a gentle love messenger on Valentine’s Day or a personalized gift for anyone who are fond of stuffed animals.

    On the hoodie is a vacant printable space of 3.1” x 2.3” for sublimation image. You can choose any of image you like to customize your teddy bear by printing it on the hoodie. The teddy bear’s matching hoodie can be easily removed for washing, making it very convenient to keep it clean.

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    Sublimation Suede Fabric Yoga Mat

    As a healthy lifestyle, yoga is loved by more and more people. An environmentally-friendly, comfortable and personalized yoga mat comes into being – a thermal transfer yoga mat. The thermal transfer yoga mat is the perfect combination of soft suede and soft rubber.

    We use pure natural rubber material, safe and healthy, no smell, more environmentally friendly; high quality rubber resilience; light and durable, easy to carry and storage.

    The bottom texture design fits the ground, and the anti-slip fixing property is good;

  • 10″ Big Metal Plate

    This metal plate is made of plated staless with metal insert and stand inside the box. People just need to transfer on the metal insert and stick on the plate. Colorful dye-sublimation images can be choosen and no fading provides the plate a bright and beautiful surface.

  • 11 oz. Ceramic Coin Bank

    Used as a promotional item at school fundraisers, financial institution promotions, and other creative venues, our sublimation ceramic coin bank features a full wrap area, coin slot, and bottom plug for easy withdrawal of funds.

  • 11 oz. Inner-Color Container

    11oz inner-color container! It could be a pen holder or flower pot or any other stuff you want it to be! It’s sublimation available. So just use your imagination to make it a tattoo! Yes, it’s the same way to do the transfer just like all our photo mugs. With a mug press, you can get one of these adorable containers!

  • 110 Piece Sublimation Jigsaw Puzzles – 7.5″ x 9.5″

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood. He then proceeded to saw around each individual country. The resulting product was used to aid in teaching geography. We’ve come a long way since those days and we’ve found more ways to make the jigsaw puzzle fun!

    Like all our puzzle products, the 110 piece product is fully sublimatable where the result is fantastic! Rich, vibrant colors will be securely interlocked and ready for display OR rebuild!

  • 16oz Pencil Caddy

    Always looking for your pen or highlighter? Organize your work area with our personalized pencil caddies with your artwork of choice. Great for educational promotions! Also available in Blue.

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    23” Auto Open Straight Umbrella

    (中文) 描述

    23” 自动热转印伞,这款自动打开的伞由全白色190T实心弹簧制成,密度足以保护您免受大雨侵袭。 任何徽标或图像都可以在此结构上生动地转印。 它的轴和框架由金属制成,非常坚固。 弧形塑料手柄将为您提供舒适的体验。








  • 3.25″ Round Doily Christmas Ornament with Triangle Lace

    This 3.25″ round doily shaped ceramic ornament features smooth, stylized edging with triangle shaped lace perforating along the outer border of the ornament. Made to compliment any festive occasion, colorful photos or logos will stand out with vibrance. Great for weddings, Christmas or Hanukkah, awards, and more!

  • 30 Piece Sublimation Jigsaw Puzzles – 7.5″ x 9.5″

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood.

  • 4.25″ x 4.25″ Ceramic Tiles

    The most popular square sublimation ceramic tile, our 4.25″ x 4.25″ tiles produce amazing color reproduction.

  • 4″ Round Doily Christmas Ornament with Heart Lace Trim

    With a smooth accented edge, this 4″ round doily shaped sublimation ceramic ornament will make any special holiday or event memorable. The edge of the ornament is perforated in heart lace shaped pattern. These sublimation ornaments are perfect for Christmas or Hanukkah events, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, holidays, and many more occasions. Hanging string not included.

  • 4″ MDF Coaster

    Want you coaster to be unique? This round MDF coaster with cork back will meet your demand. Large imprint area will let you to personalize it in your own way.

  • 6″ x 6″ Sublimation Glass Tiles

    Our glass tiles have a textured surface and are excellent for backlit frames whether it’s just the one tile or a whole set as a wall mural.

  • 63 Pieces Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood.

  • 75 Piece Heart Shaped Puzzle

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood.

  • A3 Size Flat Board

    Made of MDF, this round flat board is perfect for home decoration. Thin, light and stability make it popular in the market. Dye-sublimation acceptable let it be personalized. Photo USA depending on its mature technology becomes the leader in the MDF dye-sublimation board market. High quality is guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.Different size are available.

  • Acrylic Ornaments

    Acrylic products are very light, strong and not easy to break, which makes them more and more popular these years. Sharing the same material supplier with Unisub, high quality and great sublimation results are guaranteed for these new Acrylic Ornaments.

  • Address Book – 001

    Here is a good old fashioned address book that you can now personalize with your favorite picture. Don’t worry about losing all of your contacts from a computer crash or lost laptop or smartphone. Go old school today!

  • Baby Bib

    Photo USA has designed a special baby bib for baby. The material is very soft and healthy for baby to use.

  • Baby Pocket Bib

    Are you still looking for a suitable and comfortable baby bib for your baby? Do you still not know how to prevent food from falling over when you feed your kids? Look over here! A new baby pocket bib, specially designed to catch food from falling over!

  • Black Acrylic Rotating Photo Stand

    High quality frosted glass and excellent Acrylic photo stand performs a great decoration for any occassions. Tiltid glass photo makes it special in the photo frame market.

  • Black Acrylic Slide Photo Stand

    New product from Photo USA! High quality as usual! Half rectangle slide photo stand will support the glass photo steadily and also make you feel free to change any photos.

  • Clear


    Bookmarks are the most useful object when you plan to read a book. Slip these small bookmarks between the pages of your book and you’re sure to keep your place!

  • Business Card Album

    Our Business Card Album features a sublimation front face for full color image applications. Business persons have will have 48 standard 3.5″ x 2″ business card slots to hold all their most important contacts.

  • Business Card Holder

    A perfect gift item for the professional, our metal business card holders have a contemporary, slimline design. The hinged cover features a metallic insert that can be decorated with a company logo or full color photographic image.

  • Ceramic Cat Bowl

    We carry dye-sublimation cat food bowls! These solid ceramic bowls are heavy duty and ready for decoration! But don’t limit usage to the family pet! Other uses include a sturdy candy dish, serving bowl, or a place to toss your car keys!

  • Ceramic Dog Bowl

    We carry dog bowls! Solid ceramic construction for the big and small dogs alike, but don’t limit usage to the family’s best friend! Other uses include a sturdy candy dish, serving bowl, or a place to toss your car keys! These dog bowls are specially coated with ORCA dye-sublimation coating that allows for a vibrant image. Dishwasher and microwave safe!

  • Cereal Bowl

    This ceramic cereal bowl is great for everyday eating or special-occasion entertaining.

  • Children’s Rucksack

    Children always have so many beloved snacks and special toys, which they want to carry around all the time. Well, this little backpack will definitely satisfy them! Suitable capacity is enough to keep their little stuffs in. Personalized style will make other children so jealous!

  • Christmas Ornament with Hole

    A popular choice for portrait shaped photos, logos, or quotations, the 3″ o r 4 ” sublimation ornament reproduces photos, logos, and other artwork with natural vibrance. Application ideas include Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, weddings, and medal type awards. This Ornament is NA Coated. Hanging string not included.

  • Clip Board

    MDF, whose surface is as smooth as water. Deformation resistance make it the perfect material to be clip board. Still worried about the clip board becoming bent when you write something on it? With our product, there is no need to worried about it! It’s hard enough for you to write on. Besides, this board is acceptable for any dye-sublimation images. Creat a personalized clip board for yourself!