Gift for Kids

  • Hoodie for 21 Cm/8 Inch Plush Teddy Bear

    This is a little white hoodie for 21 cm (8 inch) plush teddy bear, which is made of 100% polyester, with the string made of full cotton. This hoodie measures 4.3” x 3.5”, providing a printable space of 3.1” x 2.3” for sublimation image. The features of being printable and washed easily make the little hoodie a great add-on for plush teddy bear or other suitable stuffed animals.

  • Plush Teddy Bear in Hoodie

    Coming in luxuriously soft plush and wearing a cute white hoodie, this teddy bear (in dark brown or golden brown) makes an irresistible cuddly toy for kids, a gentle love messenger on Valentine’s Day or a personalized gift for anyone who are fond of stuffed animals.

    On the hoodie is a vacant printable space of 3.1” x 2.3” for sublimation image. You can choose any of image you like to customize your teddy bear by printing it on the hoodie. The teddy bear’s matching hoodie can be easily removed for washing, making it very convenient to keep it clean.

  • Baby Bib

    Photo USA has designed a special baby bib for baby. The material is very soft and healthy for baby to use.

  • Baby Pocket Bib

    Are you still looking for a suitable and comfortable baby bib for your baby? Do you still not know how to prevent food from falling over when you feed your kids? Look over here! A new baby pocket bib, specially designed to catch food from falling over!

  • Children’s Rucksack

    Children always have so many beloved snacks and special toys, which they want to carry around all the time. Well, this little backpack will definitely satisfy them! Suitable capacity is enough to keep their little stuffs in. Personalized style will make other children so jealous!

  • Kids School Backpack

    Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.

  • Metal Tin Pencil Box

    A very normal pencil box, what makes it so different is that you can print images on it! High quality metal tin and regular rectangular shape makes it suitable for both boys and girls. The best gift for your children would be a personalized item! They would be so proud to see their favorite cartoon character appears on the pencil box!

  • Neck Pouch for Kids

    Back to school series! This little pouch is specially designed for school kids to keep their school ID cards, some coins or other things they want to keep around.

  • School Trolley Bag

    Don’t let books become a burden to our school kids. It’s a great chance to free your children’s shoulder! Check out this appealing school trolley bag!

  • Sublimation Storage Stool For Kids-Foldable

    These storage ottomans are so cute to matches with any kind of home decoration style. So convenient for storage use or just use as a ottoman.